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A software developer with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
Obtained a marketing degree from SFU. Graduated from Lighthouse Labs' web development bootcamp in 2018. Have work experience in tech, finance, real estate and retail field. Critical thinker with strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Self-motivated and highly organized to be able to work remotely. Enjoy working as a team member as well as independently.

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable"

Recent Work


Software Developer at Homer Bot

Dec 2019 - Mar 2020

Ruby on RailsPythonPostgreSQL

Scout is a real-estate analytic platform React project. I was responsible for back-end and managing database using Active Record and I wrote scrapers using Scrapy in Python.


Software Developer at Homer Bot

Nov 2018 - Dec 2019

Node.jsDialogflowHerokuSlack APIGoogle APIAirtable API

Homer Slack Chatbot helps organizations find homes for their employees. I participated in the design, prototype and development of the chatbot. One of the team leads for BCIT's ISSP from Feb to May 2019. Gained experiences in natural language process, cloud computing and various APIs during this project.

Snap Food

Group Project at Lighthouse Labs

May 2020

React Native

This is an application specically for Android that makes reporting discounted grocery items faster and searching for real time food deals easier! My responsibility is making the front-end components according to the wireframe and connecting the front-end routes using React Navigation.

Runny Bunny

XdHacks Hackathon by UBC

Feb 9 - 10, 2019

React Native

Runny bunny is an interactive mobile app integrated with FitBit which aims to make exercising fun for children to decrease the risk of childhood obesity. The UI was inspired by Tamagotchi, a retro game that brings back childhood memories to most people. My responsibility is to set up the dev environment using Expo and focused mainly on the front-end.


Group Final Project at Lighthouse Labs

Oct 2018

React NativeClarifai APIYummly API

This is a mobile application that makes logging food inventory faster and searching for recipe ideas more fun! My main task is setting up the Clarifai API object recognition function and barcode function, which allows user to log their food by taking a photo or scan the barcode from their phone. Then, the keywords will run the Yummly API for recipe recommendation.

Angie & Frank's Pizza

Group Midterm Project at Lighthouse Labs

Sept 2018


This is a full stack web application that allows customers to place pizza orders online and receive an SMS using the Twillio API when the order is ready. The owner will get a notification via SMS when the order is placed. My responsibility was creating the server and database back-end work.

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